Today, JB Gupta & Sons Pvt. Ltd. product range spans Office Furniture Fittings, Drawer Slides and Hinges, General Hardware, Joinery Fittings and Screws, Furniture Locks, Retail Display Systems, Window-Door Fittings, Window, Door & Glass Hardware, Kitchen Systems & Accessories, Aluminium Profiles & Handles, Bed & Wardrobe Fittings & Accessories, Furniture Lights – LED. Our strengths include a range of core competencies in manufacturing, an ever-widening product range, stringent quality standards, affordable prices, and an all-India distribution network.

Design concepts and ideas can be better understood when they are experienced in LIVE set-ups. This is the ideology that backs the company’s initiative of establishing state-of-the-art design showrooms; where customers can walk in and experience world-class functionality, seamlessly rooted in the latest global design trends.